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Coils, Chokes & Toroids

Eagle Comtronics winds nearly a half-a-million air wound coils and toroids each week for use in the companies core business product line. With over twenty automated coil, toroid and CNC winding machines in service, a million pieces per week is attainable prior to adding personnel or an additional shift

With overhead burden covered by core business products, Eagle is leveraging excess capacity and winding capabilities to provide unprecedented pricing that still accompanies world class quality and nimble response times the company is known for.


Capability Specifications:

  • Electrical Components

  • Air Wound Coils

  • Toroids

  • Transformers

Standard Coils:​

Wire Size: 30AGW - 12 AGW (0.010" - 0.081")
Mandrel Sizes: 0.030" - 1.125" Unique sizes upon request.
Turns: Average 1 - 70 turns, more upon request.
Tinning: Lead, Lead Free or Rohs compliant.
Coatings: To order. (Polynyleze & Polythermalze in stock)

Toroidal Inductors & Transformers:​

Wire Materials: Copper, Copper Alloy, EC Aluminum, Nickel, Stainless, Multiflair, Twistite, Microsquare, Coaxial, Litz and other specialty, insulated & bare wire products. 
Configurations: Built to customer specifications.
Coatings: Bare, Nylon, Nyleze, Polyurethane, Polyamide and others.
Styles: Ferrite, DC-Directional, Binocular, Bobbin EI, UI, EE, L, E, EC, Pot, RM, EP, "C" 

Testing and Analytics:​

Instruments: RF Impedance Material Analyzers, High Pot Analyzers, LCR Meters. 
RF Range: 1MHZ - 1.8GHZ
Tests: Resistance, series/shunt capacities, inductance, Q vs. frequency, high pot, surge 

With full in-house tooling capabilities specialty fixtures, guides, tools, mandrels, molds and related components, any configuration is possible. Chemical dipping, machine and hand taping capabilities complement the diversity in Eagles wide breath of wound components.

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