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Industry-leading design and performance, Eagle's C-Band interference filters can't beat.  We make filters for 5G, legacy, and custom applications. 

Where it all began.  Eagle was the first company to bring RF filters to market. We still make the best filters in the industry today and they are all made here in the U.S.A.  

Have a project that requires something specific?  Eagle's custom shop can produce filters to meet your specific needs including Diplex filters and Brick Wall filters. 


Eagle Comtronics performs all essential steps within your manufacturing or assembly process in-house. 


We aren't all just filters and circuit boards.  If you need cabling, splitters, fusion splicers, or other equipment to get the job done, check out this page. 


MoCA® POE Filter EZLP Series

Home networking made easy with the use of Eagle's patented EZLP series filter for your next home networking installation.

Eagle has a full line of attenuators, reverse step attenuators, cable simulators, equalizers and low pass equalizers.  

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