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Tier Traps

Multichannel negative filters block groups (or tiers) of channels from nonpaying subscribers. The trap filters out selected frequencies, utilizing a passband that allows (or passes) the frequencies (channels) purchased by the subscriber and a reject band that blocks the frequencies from subscribers who did not pay for them.

By blocking groups of channels, there is no descrambling of signals, eliminating the need for expensive subscriber equipment. Instead, filters are installed outside the subscriber's home, either on the directional tap port at the pole or in a lockbox mounted on the side of the building. The smaller size of the the Eagle Elite Multichannel Negative Tier Filters makes these installations a lot easier.

Multichannel Negative Filters offer the highest form of protection against theft of services at an affordable cost. Special security hardware is also available for extra protection against tampering with the filter.

See our Tier Filter Sheet for more details. 

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